Tactical Unit of Rock / Summerpool

by Hard Red Spring

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Summerpool is the sophomore release by Montreal's Hard Red Spring. It features the band's Tactical Unit of Rock.


released March 20, 2018

Tactical Unit of Rock:

Darin Barney – guitars, vocals
Jenny Burman – vocals, cowbell
Carrie Rentschler – drums, percussion
Jonathan Sterne – basses, bass six

Words and music by Darin Barney and Tactical Unit of Rock, except:

“Summerpool” words by Darin Barney, music by Matthew Hunter and Tactical Unit of Rock.

Thanks to Charles Acland, Matthew Hunter, Caitlin Loney, Mary Stone, Eva Stone-Barney, Will Stone-Barney, Alex Polkki, Amy Alt and Niko Klem.

Recorded by Peter Woodford at the amazing Bottle Garden Studio in Montreal, summer 2017.

Additional recording, editing and mixing by Jonathan Sterne (assisted by Carrie Rentschler) at Les deux chats, Montreal, summer 2017, and even more mixing at Ohne Katzen, Berlin, fall 2017.

Mastered by Freddy Knop at Listeners Mastering, Berlin.

Cover image by Eva Stone-Barney.




Hard Red Spring Montreal, Québec

Hard Red Spring is a mighty rock band from Montreal.

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Track Name: Summerpool
Summerpool (M. Hunter/D. Barney)

Summerpool – it’s the local crowd on the weekend
Belly flops and fancy diving
Showin’ off – touch the bottom of the deep end

It’s the adolescent season
Laying there and dreaming
Soaking wet and breathing mouth-to-mouth

It’s that California feeling
High on cocoa butter
Lying to your mother when she calls


Summerpool - every colour of the rainbow
Picnic lunches, aunties laughing
Sharing a towel, getting wasted on the sunshine

We are weightless in the water
Dandelion cotton
Everything forgotten for today

Summerpool you are my summer
Waterproof mascara
Wish I had a pair of mirror shades
Track Name: (I Think) My Boyfriend's a Fascist
(I Think) My Boyfriend’s a Fascist (D. Barney)

I saw you on the bus today
And I had to look away
I thought I heard a swastika
Rollin’ off your silver tongue

I think my boyfriend’s a fascist
He’s polishing his boots
I think my boyfriend’s a fascist
He used to be so cute

I will never understand
What happened to “This Charming Man”
You think you’re tough but you’re just scared
I’ve seen you in your underwear

I don’t think those jokes are funny
I don’t care where you were born
I don’t wanna close the border
I wanna kick down all the doors

I wish that I could kiss your mouth
And suck all of the poison out
We could make out in the rain
And it would wash away the stain
Track Name: Tube Top Tina
Tube Top Tina (D. Barney)

Tube Top Tina after all
There’s nothin’ like perfume and alcohol
To straighten out
A crooked point of view

Maybe if you close your eyes
You won’t see through this sad disguise
And for tonight
I’ll be your dream come true

Tube Top Tina will you
Be my Valentine?
We’ll live on chocolate bars
And Christmas clementines
I’ll buy you firecrackers
And you’ll buy me some time
Tube Top Tina, Tina
Tina be mine

It’s been a while since I felt like this
Been fifteen years since I been kissed
In fifteen more
I might be in the ground

So how ‘bout we take in a show?
And how ‘bout we take it real slow?
‘Cause if it breaks
It might not make a sound

Never learned to social dance
And this could be my only chance
To take a turn
Out on that old sprung floor

So hold on tight and watch your step
I haven’t learned the ending yet
But I’m closer now
Than I’ve ever been before
Track Name: Vera's Return
Vera’s Return (D. Barney)

Vera lost her nerve
Before the knot was tied
And there would be no wedding day
And no reluctant bride
Barefoot daughter of a Doukhobor
Peeling apples on the kitchen floor
Sons of Freedom whispering her name

Vera burned her playhouse down
In a field of dandelions
Charlie had a big idea
And a jar of cherry wine
Something growing deep inside
Charlie Thunders was petrified
And Vera had some ideas of her own

Rumour has it that you can’t get there from here
And when you reach the end you quietly disappear
The family’s in disgrace and the neighbours are concerned
But all will be revealed when Vera makes her return

Vera found her name
On a wall down at the pier
Her mother’s mother’s mother
She disembarked right here
Packed her babies and she headed west
That first winter was quite a test
Springtime came and the apple blossoms raged

Vera stands alone
Upon this eastern shore
The Old Country ain’t what it was
But the new one’s looking worn
Books her passage and stows her trunk
Full of memories and other junk
Sheds a tear and blames it on the wind

Vera’s counting stars
Beneath the Russian sky
Gave birth to a baby girl
With Charlie Thunders’ eyes
The two of them in a one-room flat
On a feather bed, imagine that
Homemade curtains and they ain’t comin’ back
Track Name: Underpaid Ladies
Underpaid Ladies (D. Barney)

A cross on the highway for the immigrant harvesters
Riding their bicycles, clipped by a passing car
Picking tomatoes at a farm outside Leamington
Sending their money home every weekend

What if they came in a column of colours?
And we stood behind them like we had their backs?
There’s plenty of room for your sisters and brothers
Gimme your hand, I’ll carry your pack

Now that you mention it, the underpaid ladies
Hand-rollin’ dumplings and nursing their babies
In back of a kitchen, in a basement on Lincoln
There’s a look in their eyes, and it’s got me thinkin’

I know it sounds crazy, but I’ll say it anyway:
How ‘bout a living wage, how ‘bout some holidays?
Maybe a daycare, for those little babies
There’d be no stopping the underpaid ladies
Track Name: This is Not the Bed I Made
This is Not the Bed I Made (D. Barney)

Seven miles from the Husky station
On the edge of town one Friday night
My hands are soaked with gasoline
If I keep on scrubbin’ they might come clean

A penny saved is a penny earned
I’m counting pennies but my fingers burn
Been working on my attention span
But I got my pride and I’m making plans

This is not the bed I made
No, it’s not the bed I made

Champagne on the patio
I'm not invited but I think I’ll go
And ask that man how he condones
The state of things in that slum he owns

Crouched here in the black of night
I got no doubts about wrong and right
‘Cause justice seen, is justice done
And they can see the flames from the 401
Track Name: Bandages
Bandages (D. Barney)

Bring me some bandages
And a jar of strong liquor
Bury the cartridges
And wipe off the trigger
Don’t ask no questions
And I’ll tell no lies
Just bring me the bandages
And cover your eyes

Sing me that song again
And let go the horses
Watch out for highwaymen
And sinister forces
Take that old violin
That she used to play
And sing me that song again
Then put it away

Pack up your pretty things
In your mama’s red suitcase
Take these old wedding rings
And go wash your dirty face
Put on your Sunday dress
The one from the store
And pack up your pretty things
And set ‘em by the door

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